Wildlife Divide Workshop With Myranda Bair

Last Saturday we attended the first workshop of the Wildlife Divide series, in attendance were artists and non artists alike. The weather was wonderful and the workshop was lots of fun. Here are some photos of what transpired and a little bit about Myranda Bair and her project. The workshops are a a great way to meet new people share food and a great art experience, sometimes a watermelon will show up! The Postcard Project was lots of fun.


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Myranda Bair is a recent resident to Las Vegas here is a little about her work and life as an artist in Las Vegas:


Myranda Bair was born in North Dakota.

She received her BFA from the University of Texas at Austin and her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She has two French bulldogs and a wonderful husband named Craig. She lives and works in Las Vegas, NV


Artist Statement:

The natural sciences are a source of both subject matter and metaphor in my work. In particular I draw on the branches of ecology, botany, entomology, zoology, mycology, and geology, which allow me to explore the ways that human beings immerse themselves in the study of these subjects and also mimic scientific phenomena in their everyday lived experience. I seek to create work that is multidimensional, both physically and conceptually. My current practice is based in watercolor, which I treat less as a two-dimensional medium than a medium with interesting spatial potentials, to be mixed with other materials.

The Post Card Project

The Post Card Project will be a workshop held at the Mount Charleston wilderness areas. Participants will be invited to create a minimum of three custom postcards documenting their experience at Mount Charleston. These postcards will than be mailed from the mountain to various city locations. The postcards will have designed backs providing a short description of the project & workshop, address lines, and a stamp. Participants will create the front design of the card, fill in the address and write a message. The front of these postcards can be created using pen, pencil, ink, watercolor, collage, Polaroid, etc.  People are encouraged to bring supplies for creating their cards, though basic materials will be available.


This workshop is designed to document the Mount Charleston experience and to use two systems: the Forest Service Service and the United States Postal System. This workshop will highlight the beauty, structure, and flaws of each. What will happen as these postcards travel from one place to another? How will they look when they arrive? Were will they be going?


Reference books will be available at the workshop that describe the plants, animals, and provide a brief history of the area. A brief history regarding the American post system will also be made available. Exploring, hiking, and site seeing while on Mt. Charleston is strongly encourage to help you develop the front of your postcards.




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