an afternoon of intervention and land art inspired projects with artist Javier Sanchez

On June 22nd Javier Sanchez decided the task at hand was to decide what one could do as an art project using only materials that could be found in the area. We thought about the intrusion of geometry and patterns, hypothetical extensions and interventions of already occurring phenomena, we had a taste of what it means to dabble in the thoughts and processes that inspired artists such as Richard Long, Robert Smithson, Hamish Fulton, Andy Goldsworthy or Michael Hiezer. The mountain is a place full of objects and spacial proportions not found in the urban areas of Las Vegas it served this workshop well as participants took to creating some of the best work yet for the Wildlife Divide.

Here are some photos.

IMG_2619 IMG_2588 IMG_2586 IMG_2585 IMG_2582 IMG_2565 yasmina IMG_2539

Here are some pictures of the artists in action:

IMG_2610 IMG_2596 IMG_2568 IMG_2558 IMG_2531 IMG_2574IMG_2546 IMG_2529 IMG_2527

Myranda Bair wanted to document the interventions already made in a sketch book here are the images:

IMG_2606 IMG_2605 IMG_2604 IMG_2603 IMG_2602

And thanks to Cody Dix for giving such a great talk about the Spring Mountain Recreational Area.

Here’s a picture of Cody and Javier.



Wildlife Divide Workshop With Javier Sanchez June 22nd.


Artist Workshop with Javier Sanchez – June 22 11:00am to 5:00pm

Location: Mary Jane Falls Trail Head/Ski Tow Area

Local artist Javier Sanchez will give us the opportunity to help put together a work of art inspired by the Land Art movement of the 1960’s. Participants will be asked to build sculptures with found objects and revisit the sites over time to modify them as an ongoing project for the year.

What to bring:

  1. Sunscreen with UV protection.
  2. Work Gloves
  3. A wide brimmed hat.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.
  5. Snacks.
  6. A folding Chair.
  7. A jacket and umbrella.

Inspired by the late 1960’s Earthworks or Land Art and his own own interest to create art work that has a a relationship with the temporary, Javier designed a workshop to introduce the participants to experience working with natural materials available at the Spring Mountain Recreational Area. The concept is to include participants in discovering fun and experimental ways to create art not for a gallery, and not for a landscape;  the terrain is the means of creation.

The participants will crate a piece of art using only the natural materials found in the surrounding area like stones, dirt, water, leaves, branches, trunks, trees, natural pigments etc.

The project also includes the chance to return to the work add, subtract, or re arrange the art piece as many times as necessary. The process of modification will be documented by Javier and the participants by means of photography and video to be displayed during the final exhibition in August of work made for the Wildlife Divide.

About Javier

Born in the suburbs of Mexico City, Javier Sanchez has now been a resident of Las Vegas Nevada for the last ten years. He received his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the University Of Nevada Las Vegas in 2012. For the last five years he has exhibited his work in various galleries and venues within the Las Vegas area including his first solo exhibition in 2010 “El Salon De Dibujo” at CSN College Of Southern Nevada, and “Relative Perspectives” at the Clark County Government Center (Rotunda Gallery) in downtown Las Vegas. His most recent collaborative exhibition with Yasmina Chavez “ERISTIC” was a large scale video and sound installation at Alios Gallery in Las Vegas.  Javier Sanchez is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Las Vegas NV. He incorporates video, photography, sound, nature, and the community as parts of his art practice.


Here are some images of his work:

01 02 03 04 05 06 07

The Art and Educational programs at Mt. Charleston are designed to use art as a medium to encourage learning about the ecology, geology and natural landscape of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. The programs range in focus from traditional photography and drawing workshops to demos in video and sound composing. The art programs include the Wildlife Divide series; an innovative approach to public art programming that includes activities and events intended to bridge the divide between urban and natural environments through artistic activity. The workshops and exhibits encourage the public to participate and collaborate on projects with both artists and naturalists, and to have an enjoyable, relaxing and educational experience within the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, more commonly known as Mt. Charleston.

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An Afternoon of Sorting, Categorizing and Art Making.

Graham Winbrow treated participants to a collaborative adventure in sorting and processing during his Wildlife Divide workshop on June 1st 2013.

The result of the workshop is documented in the images and time-lapse movie below. The ephemeral installation defined a  distinct but not permanent modification in the landscape and was an educational experience of group participation in art. the workshop resulted in discussions about permanent structures versus the ephemeral and how collaboration between individuals define the end result of the project. The tasks of building the intervention in the landscape included sorting materials and processing aesthetic decision making, all the while marveling at the temperate climate afforded in the sky island of Mount Charleston.