Wildlife Divide Condition Reporting with Alisha Kerlin


Once again we had a wonderful and well attended workshop at Mt Charleston last Saturday. Aside from the very unfortunate and devastating damage that the Carpenter 1 fire had on the Spring Mountain National Recreational Area, we were able to learn a lot about the botany in the area thanks to Amanda from the Great Basin Institute and Cody Dix from the Forest Service. Through the keen observation required in a condition report, participants were able to create some amazing drawings in both documented areas.

Our first area was the Fletcher Canyon trail, an area that has not been affected by the fire. Participants were able to see the types of plants and flowers in the latter stage of flowering that is typical in a Sky Island in the South Western United States around this time. The second stage of the workshop took us down to the lower Riparian Zone near Harris Spring Road where the Carpenter 1 fire was extensive and severe. Participants were able to document an area where junipers, mountain mahogany, yucca, and joshua trees were completely or partially burned. The area is extremely ecologically sensitive and will take decades for natural growth to return to these levels. Thanks to the many government agencies that have assisted in the fire and are currently helping with the rehabilitation efforts. Without their dedication to the preservation of our parks, the damage could have been even more extensive.

The workshop was led by Alisha Kerlin, who aside from being a professional visual artist works at the Barrick Museum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her experience in Condition reporting at the Barrick was in large part an inspiration for this workshop. Postcards were made to accommodate condition report drawings, then mailed out to the city.

Thanks to everyone who came out to make this such a great event. Here are a few pictures.

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