Wildlife Divide Evening Nature Study & Lantern Workshop – August 3 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: Hilltop Campground


Art Program Coordinator David Sanchez Burr will lead a workshop in the construction of DIY lanterns and flashlights. Illumination an essential part of any camping trip can also be a fun and educational experience when combined with art making techniques. This will be a fun way to enjoy Mt Charleston in the early evening.

What To Bring:

1. Reflective Materials like Tin Foil and metals. 2.Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.
3. Snacks.
4.A folding Chair.

5.A jacket and umbrella.

The art of latern making will be explored in the evening workshop. David Sanchez Burr will give a tutorial on simple DC lighiting circuits and how to make a great looking lantern.

The Art and Educational programs at Mt. Charleston are designed to use art as a medium to encourage learning about the ecology, geology and natural landscape of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. The programs range in focus from traditional photography and drawing workshops to demos in video and sound composing. The art programs include the Wildlife Divide series; an innovative approach to public art programming that includes activities and events intended to bridge the divide between urban and natural environments through artistic activity. The workshops and exhibits encourage the public to participate and collaborate on projects with both artists and naturalists, and to have an enjoyable, relaxing and educational experience within the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, more commonly known as Mt. Charleston.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, a new blog related to the Wildlife Divide will soon be online at https://wildlifedivide.wordpress.com current info is available also on http://www.gomtcharleston.com.
email: art@gomtcharleston.com


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