Wildlife Divide Lantern Making and Stop Motion Projects

Continuing on the theme of projects that mix art and science in creative ways the past two projects both had wonderful turnouts, and both included ideas of our experience as urbanites in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. On August 3rd we had our first ever evening lantern project where participants were given materials to create a durable DIY lantern using LED, there was also a talk about UV lighting and an attempt to do an evening insect study although it was too chilly in the mountain for the insects. The lantern project was the first evening project and it was wonderful to see the night sky from the Hilltop Campground.

Photos of Stop Motion Project by Javier Sanchez

MuntCharleston-1 MountCharleston-5 MountCharleston-4 MountCharleston-2 MountCharleston-3


Photos of Evening Lantern Project:


wdlampproject6 wdlampproject5 wdlampproject4 wdlampproject2 wdlampproject3 wdlampproject1

Our project on September 10th was a collaborative venture into Stop Motion camera photography, we as many as ten cameras surrounding the set at any, participants were asked to bring a household object to use for a set, the set consisted of all of the objects. The outcome will be screened and viewed in our final evening show at Mount Charleston.






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