Bouse House textile workshop with Danielle Kelly

Our last workshop for 2013 was with artist Danielle Kelly. Her ongoing Bouse House project is a participatory and interactive art project that invites participants to sew new additions to the ever growing tapestry.

Bouse House was originally conceived in 2009 to celebrate the fictional founding of a new school for design, craft and fabrication in the rural town of Bouse, Arizona. History is re-written at the Bouse House School, modeled after what is imagined to have been a female-dominated, century old Bauhaus School. Existing sometime in a post-capitalist, post industrial future peopled by nomadic tribes, the female-dominated Bouse House recognizes the urgent demand for a resuscitation of the rigor, creativity, and feminine community that steered the original Bauhaus School via the hallowed Weaving Workshop.


Here are some of the participants and their creations:

danielleworkshop1 danielleworkshop2 danielleworkshop3 danielleworkshop4 danielleworkshop5 danielleworkshop6 danielleworkshop7



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