Stop Motion Workshop with Checko Salgado


It is not often that one gets to enjoy the cool and serene mountains on a hot Vegas summer day and meet 25 other people to produce a totally random stop motion video, but that is exactly what we did on August 10th 2013. Checko Salgado is one of Nevada’s most active photographers, there must be clones of him because I see him everywhere. He was also the best fit for this project as he often uses the burst features on his cameras to make some interesting stop motion like short videos and he is an easy going, great person to hang around with. Each participant was asked to bring something from their home as part of the stop motion set, we used the upper Lee Meadows in the Spring Mountains as the location. Fun was had and lots of exercise. The video shows multiple angles from the various cameras the public brought, we had all types of cameras: Point and shoot, smart phones, go-pro’s, and DSLR’s. I had to think about how to emphasize each angle while editing this video and came up with a different tonality for each angle, I added some original music of mine for the audio bed which I thought fit well with the Da Da’ esque experiment that happened as a result of the day’s activities. I also added a time lapse movie at the end to illustrate how by accident this experiment turned out to be a great cardio exercise. This will be the last Wildlife Divide post for some time so enjoy and hope to see you soon once again up on Mt Charleston.


David Sanchez Burr

The Wildlife Divide






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