Wildlife Divide Continues in Asheville North Carolina



The Wildlife Divide Asheville is an extension of a project that started in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project was to point out the resounding differences and high contrast between the natural and urban habitats and to explore where the two intersect.

Asheville is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. With its setting in the Appalachian Mountain Range and its long history of artistic creativity, Ashville inspired me to invite two locals in the community to explore the area around the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center. We were to look for and find places where wildlife thresholds may be found, places where remnants of what once was or could be for our ecological and urban futures could be seen.

Anna Toth and Asia Suler agreed to work on this project with me and I am eternally grateful to be invited to Asheville for a second time and to work with these amazingly talented women.

The Wildlife Divide takes place on Saturday April 9th at noon, we will meet at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center and walk through 4 locations in Asheville, while discussing documentation of time, the ecology and natural fabrics and fibers. There will be a collaborative loom activity at the end. To attend please contact interludeavl@gmail.com .

Bring good walking shoes, some water, and an umbrella.

The website for this project can be found here.

This event is organized by the Media Arts Project in conjunction with the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center


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